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DIY Sequin Blazer

14 Oct

Well, I might have something for you.

A blazer! Not just any blazer! A sequin blazer! Hop into your pants, grab a shirt or a blouse, high heels and a matching bag, put the blazer on and you’re ready to go. 
Want to know my experience? I wore it to the premier of a musical I was working on for the last two moths. Everyone was amazed. And when they all found out I did it myself, they were even more surprised.

So grab your sequin material, a blazer, old or new, whatever suits you best, couple of pins and needles and start crafting!

Here’s the Step-by-Step!





DIY Sequin Blazer

14 Oct

Do you need something you can wear to a fancy outgoing but don’t want to freeze in a dress?

Vintage Button Necklace

17 Feb


You just glue them on, cut around them (leave a little at each end for the little hoops), attach the rest of the necklace aaand, you’re done! :))

Re-Style Your Boots

23 Jan

t’s 9:30 pm and I just finished with the makeover of my old boots( actually my sisters.haha)
They are a bit tall, oxford-ish and witchy at the same time, and I really didn’t like the witchy and tall look soo I cut them a bit. Now they look fantastic(even though the heel’s still witchy. :S). I think I’m going to add some lace and stuff, make them look vintage. 🙂

So here’s the diy for the cuttting and another one for adding lace. Love. 😀

Washer Necklace. Again. :)

30 Dec

I just can’t help myself. I go crazy when I see them.
And now we’re taking it one step forward. Here you will learn how to cover them with designed paper, I like to draw these myself.
Imagine yourself standing at the bus station and woman walks up to you asking where you bought the necklace. It would be awesome to tell her you’ve made it yourself.
Well, it would be kind of weird if a stranger all of the sudden asked you about your necklace (I would probably freak out), but you get the point. 🙂

Oh The Neon Colors

26 Dec

A great way to create something new out of your old phone coil. And guess waht? It takes less than 10 minutes. 😀
Want to try it out?