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Pearl Hair Pins

2 Nov



DIY Sequin Blazer

14 Oct

Well, I might have something for you.

A blazer! Not just any blazer! A sequin blazer! Hop into your pants, grab a shirt or a blouse, high heels and a matching bag, put the blazer on and you’re ready to go.Β 
Want to know my experience? I wore it to the premier of a musical I was working on for the last two moths. Everyone was amazed. And when they all found out I did it myself, they were even more surprised.

So grab your sequin material, a blazer, old or new, whatever suits you best, couple of pins and needles and start crafting!

Here’s the Step-by-Step!





DIY Sequin Blazer

14 Oct

Do you need something you can wear to a fancy outgoing but don’t want to freeze in a dress?

New month, new post. :)

1 Mar


I finally found a full image of one of my first posts! Yeeey!

Have you made the Tombo’ shirts yet?
Tombo’shirts πŸ˜‰

Re-Style Your Boots

23 Jan

t’s 9:30 pm and I just finished with the makeover of my old boots( actually my sisters.haha)
They are a bit tall, oxford-ish and witchy at the same time, and I really didn’t like the witchy and tall look soo I cut them a bit. Now they look fantastic(even though the heel’s still witchy. :S). I think I’m going to add some lace and stuff, make them look vintage. πŸ™‚

So here’s the diy for the cuttting and another one for adding lace. Love. πŸ˜€

Happy New Year. :D

1 Jan

Happy New Year my little tombo’s!!
May it be the best one you ever had.
I’m sending much love to you guys. Kisses. :*

Last -Minute New Year’s Eve Dress. :)

31 Dec

So, THIS is for all the lazy ones out there who didn’t bother to look for a beautiful dress at the mall. You do realize you still have to look beautiful, don’t you?