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New month, new post. :)

1 Mar


I finally found a full image of one of my first posts! Yeeey!

Have you made the Tombo’ shirts yet?
Tombo’shirts 😉


Splish! Splash! :)

26 Dec


Design your own cute rain boots here.


And add some adorable bows like shown here.

Little Tombo’

24 Dec

Hello my little tombo’s!
I thought you might want to know something more about the blog so here we go.

I created the blog out of pure boredom and also because I wanted to share the crazy ideas dashing around my head and maybe, someday, open my own clothing store.

The blog is probably going to be full of outfit ideas and some DO-IT-YOURSELF thingies.
I just love designing my own clothes and assume you do to. 😀

Oh yeah. Here’s a great idea. 🙂

You can do these on your shirt and voilà, you have a “tombo’ shirt”.