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My Version: Dreamy Maxi Skirt #2

16 Aug

I tought you guys should see a bit more of that maxi skirt. And, finally, me. 😀

Photo’s were taken by a dear friend Vinka Potočki. You should check her out on http://vinkapotocki.tumblr.com/












Heeey. 😉



If you haven’t seen the tut, here’s the link: Dreamy Maxi Skirt

Love, Little Tombo’. ❤


The ‘OMBRE TOTE’ adventure

1 Aug

This was a tricky one!
It was my first sewing project (I had help from my mom on the other ones) and it went great, but doing the ombre.. OMG!

From the top!
I searched and searched for the best big tote tutorial that one could use as a beach bag because I wanted to give it to my friend as a ‘Hello Again’ present.
So, as always, pinterest.com is the most useful tool in searching for diy tut’s.
Managing to find a great tut I started sewing.

Everyone was getting on my nervs that day so I had a few difficulties, like finding the right fabric (ended up begging my grandma to give me some old sheet material), sewing the wrong side together or pinning my finger.. But, don’t let anyone or anything stop you! I had a goal and I had to achieve it!
The ‘easy’ part was over. Now I had to do the ombre look. I wanted to do a mint ombre but I couldn’t find the right color. I finally settled with some kind of blue-ish paint called petrol which I bought in a Müller store.

And again, I tried to find the perfect Ombre tutorial. and I did. But, it’s in german and I’m not sure many of you will understand it. I guess it’s good I’m learning it for 12 years now. 🙂

Today I managed to buy all the ingredients I needed and that is: the ‘petrol’ paint, fabric painting salt or just normal salt, aaaand some king of fixing product that comes with the paint. And of course you must have a bag or a piece of clothing just waiting to be ombre-ed. 😀

So I started, just get some water, put the ingredients and put the bag in, not so tough. The bag/’s turned out awesome: You can’t really recognize the ombre on the first one (which is the sewing project) because the sun was hiding behind the clouds and I couldn’t shoot a better picture.





on this one I just kind of experimented and added a little twist at the top to get a messy look. That one is mine. 😀

AAAAAND now a surprise and a WARNING!

I FORGOT TO PUT MY GLOVES ON. I FORGOT! I couldn’t believe it.

My hands looked like this (if you can see it, I’m on my mom’s computer and the software is terrible):


NEVER EVER EVER FORGET TO PUT YOUR GLOVES ON! I don’t know how I did it. I mean, people already think I’m stupid so why shouldn’t I just act like I am. Oh Gosh. And what’s worse, the packaging had a great big cross on it saying it’s poisoness. I’m starting to feel like a kid with watercolors.

I tried scrubbing really hard, soap, olive oil, lemon, soda, tomatoes, detergents, lemon acid, things that melt cement and other chemicals (my parents own a cleaning business so I have all kinds of stuff at home) and finally it started to go off with  cleaning gasoline. And I managed to scrubb it of to this:


It took me 2 hours and my skin is sooooo irritated. But that’s what you get when you don’t think about what you’re doing.

So here it is: ALWAYS REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR GLOVES!!! Even if you don’t think you’ll need them, just put them on. It’s definitely better being safe than sorry.

Eventhough I painted my hands I’m quite happy how the totes turned out. 😀

And I know it’s crazy what I’m saying but I kinda like the blue-ish/green-ish look. *feeling like an alien*

Just another life lesson.

GO, WEAR YOUR GLOVES and make an ombre tote. 🙂

Kisses and be safe. Love, Little Tombo’! ❤

My Version: Dreamy Maxi Skirt

1 Aug

Many of you have seen the step-by-step for the dreamy maxi skirt but few of you actually have made one. So I decided to share my version of it. And if you haven’t seen the tut, here’s the link: Dreamy Maxi Skirt


Dreamy Maxi Skirt

21 May

I have been wondering about this one. Should I make it or not? I mean, I am a bit super-sized and people say those kind of skirts don’t really fit me… But I still think I’m going to make it. 🙂
Ceep calm and sew on! 😀

And here’s the step-by-step . 🙂



DIY Peter Pan Collar

10 Apr

Just in case some of you are wondering how to make this cutie. 🙂


Diamond Tights

25 Dec

Pictures tell thousands of words.