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DIY Sequin Blazer

14 Oct

Well, I might have something for you.

A blazer! Not just any blazer! A sequin blazer! Hop into your pants, grab a shirt or a blouse, high heels and a matching bag, put the blazer on and you’re ready to go. 
Want to know my experience? I wore it to the premier of a musical I was working on for the last two moths. Everyone was amazed. And when they all found out I did it myself, they were even more surprised.

So grab your sequin material, a blazer, old or new, whatever suits you best, couple of pins and needles and start crafting!

Here’s the Step-by-Step!





My Version: Dreamy Maxi Skirt #2

16 Aug

I tought you guys should see a bit more of that maxi skirt. And, finally, me. 😀

Photo’s were taken by a dear friend Vinka Potočki. You should check her out on http://vinkapotocki.tumblr.com/












Heeey. 😉



If you haven’t seen the tut, here’s the link: Dreamy Maxi Skirt

Love, Little Tombo’. ❤

My Version: Dreamy Maxi Skirt

1 Aug

Many of you have seen the step-by-step for the dreamy maxi skirt but few of you actually have made one. So I decided to share my version of it. And if you haven’t seen the tut, here’s the link: Dreamy Maxi Skirt


Dreamy Maxi Skirt

21 May

I have been wondering about this one. Should I make it or not? I mean, I am a bit super-sized and people say those kind of skirts don’t really fit me… But I still think I’m going to make it. 🙂
Ceep calm and sew on! 😀

And here’s the step-by-step . 🙂



Homemade Podge

20 Feb


Oh. and if someone needs a bit of mod podge… Learn how to make one here. It’s the easiest DIY ever. 😀

Nerdy Chic Book Clutch

20 Feb


I stumbled upon this a few months back, threw it in my “DIY” bookmarks folder and totally forgot how awesome it was. I should have shared it with you sooner. But, here it is.

I hope you’ll enjoy making it as much as I did (yes, I did make it :D)
Have fun my Little Tombo’s.
Love. 🙂


Jane by Design Skirt

7 Jan


Aaaand it reminds me of Jane by Design. Janey always used to wear these little cuties. And I wonder how she could run so fast in those awfully high heels. Too bad the show was canceled.
Well, we still get to make these. 🙂