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My Version: Dreamy Maxi Skirt #2

16 Aug

I tought you guys should see a bit more of that maxi skirt. And, finally, me. 😀

Photo’s were taken by a dear friend Vinka Potočki. You should check her out on http://vinkapotocki.tumblr.com/












Heeey. 😉



If you haven’t seen the tut, here’s the link: Dreamy Maxi Skirt

Love, Little Tombo’. ❤


My Version: Dreamy Maxi Skirt

1 Aug

Many of you have seen the step-by-step for the dreamy maxi skirt but few of you actually have made one. So I decided to share my version of it. And if you haven’t seen the tut, here’s the link: Dreamy Maxi Skirt


Dreamy Maxi Skirt

21 May

I have been wondering about this one. Should I make it or not? I mean, I am a bit super-sized and people say those kind of skirts don’t really fit me… But I still think I’m going to make it. 🙂
Ceep calm and sew on! 😀

And here’s the step-by-step . 🙂



Make an Ombre Vest

25 Dec

I fell in love with this Ombre Vest. 🙂
Want to Make One by Yourself?

Turn Your Clothes Into Chic Peplum Pieces

25 Dec


If You’d ask me what this years biggest trend is, I would say Peplum.
Want to Make Your Own Peplum?

Little Tombo’

24 Dec

Hello my little tombo’s!
I thought you might want to know something more about the blog so here we go.

I created the blog out of pure boredom and also because I wanted to share the crazy ideas dashing around my head and maybe, someday, open my own clothing store.

The blog is probably going to be full of outfit ideas and some DO-IT-YOURSELF thingies.
I just love designing my own clothes and assume you do to. 😀

Oh yeah. Here’s a great idea. 🙂

You can do these on your shirt and voilà, you have a “tombo’ shirt”.