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Last -Minute New Year’s Eve Dress. :)

31 Dec

So, THIS is for all the lazy ones out there who didn’t bother to look for a beautiful dress at the mall. You do realize you still have to look beautiful, don’t you?


Mouse Flats. :)

31 Dec

Who’s the cutest? The kitty or the easy to make flats. 😀

Lots of cool thing-ies. :D

31 Dec

Frankly, the studded sneakers are the best! 😀

Thanks. :)

30 Dec

I just wanted to say thank you! A LOT.
I’m surprised I’m getting likes, comments and follows since the blog is totally new (born Dec 24.).
But I guess WordPress has a great promo service or similar.
So once again thak you for your amazing feedback. Keep sharing and crafting, Little Tombo’s.
Love. 🙂

Washer Necklace. Again. :)

30 Dec

I just can’t help myself. I go crazy when I see them.
And now we’re taking it one step forward. Here you will learn how to cover them with designed paper, I like to draw these myself.
Imagine yourself standing at the bus station and woman walks up to you asking where you bought the necklace. It would be awesome to tell her you’ve made it yourself.
Well, it would be kind of weird if a stranger all of the sudden asked you about your necklace (I would probably freak out), but you get the point. 🙂

50+ things to make out of old sweaters

29 Dec


Got any old sweaters?
Make something new and useable out of them.

Metallic Cap Toe Heels

28 Dec


I’m so doing these. 😀
Learn how to make your own here.